Project American Accredited K12 Private School in UAE

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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    Private Equity

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    180,00M AED

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    25 to 100 MUSD

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    1,80M AED

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    Attractive investment opportunity to acquire a 100% stake in a UAE-based private school (US and UAE accredited) that has provided excellent educational services to pupils in the UAE over the last 3 decades.

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    United Arab Emirates

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  The institution is one of only a few US- and UAE-accredited schools that follows the American Curriculum and offers a full and engaging curriculum for both genders up to 12th grade.






  • The school has been operational since 1986 and has built a strong, enduring reputation with alumni in increasingly successful positions in business, science, and academics.
  • Currently over 2000 students in 14 grades from KG1–12 spread across 75 classrooms attend the school at an average tuition fee of AED 16,000. 2 additional classrooms will be opened for the coming 3 academic years to reach 81 classrooms in total.
  • School capacity can be easily increased to 83 classrooms. With minor civil works modifications, capacity can be increased up to 91 classrooms, in response to a long current waiting list of new students to be admitted.
  • Yearly revenue is expected to reach approximately AED35 million for the school year of 2016-2017 (which can be brought up to AED38-40million) and an EBITDA of AED14.46 million, which will grow proportionately.
  • The school owns the current building which was built in 
  • The school also includes advanced facilities including 2 computer labs, 5 scientific labs (physics, chemistry, biology and 2 general science) as well as 2 libraries, 7 activity halls, theatre, sports facilities, art studio and gallery, etc. 

The school is in a unique competitive position driven by 4 keys factors:

  • Excellent reputation and established track record of success
  • Proven capability of management team, academic staff, administrators
  • Robust financial position, consistent high profitability & future growth opportunities
  • Competitive position driven by high barriers to entry (including state of the art facilities, and “within reach” growth opportunities)


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