Project Combat Sports and Entertainement Property

Glory Sports International Pte Limited

Singapore, Singapore

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    Private Equity

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    Consumer Goods

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    15,00M USD

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    5 to 25 MUSD

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    0 USD

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    Glory Sports International Pte Limited

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    A world leading sport management company which has become the World N.1 league tournament for Kick-Boxing is looking for a financial or strategic investor and offering 16.7% of equity.

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    Asia, Europe, North America

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Company at a Glance

  • Solid TV broadcasting & distribution (over 150 countries)
  • Over 5 million TV audience per event and broadcasted by SPIKE in USA where they typically attract 500,000 viewers 
  • A potential catchment of 1 Billion households worldwide 
  • A very attractive consumer demographics for TV sponsors. An equally popular sport with ladies and Gentlemen (18-40 years old)
  • Global Fighting Sporting brand able to compete with UFC, but operating in a different martial art segment, therefore with limited overlapping 
  • A true and highly scenographic martial arts, but not cruel 
  • Expected break-event at event level to be reached by H1 2015 and an overall break-even at company level by Q1 2016
  • Very strong management team with proven experiences and track record in sports media, venture capital, kick-boxing industry, etc.
  • Very active and engaged fans base which made Glory twice the most twitted subject worldwide in 2013
  • A proven and successful business model that has selected the strongest local promoters, willing during most event to share operational costs with the company

The shareholders which include, a renowned commodities hedge fund manager based in UK and USA, an Asian based sport marketing company and a couple of C-Level executives from the Private Equity industry have invested so far $60 Million USD in the business, and now are looking to raise between $10 Million USD to $15 Million USD to complete the 3rd round of financing as a cash-in which will be used as working capital to:

  • Scale the number of events organized worldwide and thank to this attract Global Brands as sponsors and increase sales tickets (Glory 20 to be hosted in Dubai by April 2015)
  • Increase the media exposure by investing more into the digital/online space 
  • Enter in the merchandising business line thus creating an additional and highly profitable revenue stream 
  • Increase overall profitability and margins
  • Compete with core-sports like UFC now valued ($3,5 Bn EV) or WWE ($1,0 Bn EV) 


The shareholders are looking for a financial investor that would be able not only invest in the company, but provide support as well to reach out to international broadcasters in order to support the media exposure of the company and support the expansion in emerging markets like Middle East.

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