Project Italian Airlines Company

Livingston Air

Cardano Al Campo, Italy

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    Private Equity

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    10,00M EUR

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    5 to 25 MUSD

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    0 EUR

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    Livingston Air

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    A regional Italian Airline company is seeking at least EUR 10 million, from a strategic investor, as growth capital to turnaround and strengthen operations to secure a predominant position in the North of Italy.

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    Main Hub: Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy

  • City

    Cardano Al Campo

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    +971 557723318

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-Access to a strategically located base of in Milan, which is a natural freight hub and provides exceptional opportunities both for north of Italy and South Switzerland. Milan is widely recognized as Italy’s gravity center for industry, finance and demography – equally distanced from Western and Eastern Europe and Caribbean to Mediterranean.

-The absence of a national carrier at Milan MXP and the upcoming EXPO 2015 will offer to any investor the opportunity to hedge against risk by adding fleet capacity and using efficiently the dry lease option without incurring in additional costs

-Capture further Milan geographical advantage which enable the company to serve efficiently a potential market of 400 million people within 4 to 6 hours flight radius (Europe, CIS, Middle East, Africa).

-Investing in Livingston will provide any Middle East and/or Asian access with a cost-effective and efficient access to regional markets in Europe thanks to the availability of short-medium haul slots at MXP and limited capex program

-Subject to regulatory approval the investor will be able to codeshare on Livingston routes and vice-versa, from a range of western and east European gateways thus improving its branded presence in untapped regional markets

-Through this equity partnership Livingston will further accelerate its growth and positioning, enabling its customers to access the global network of destinations offered by the investor ,while providing fresh options for overseas visitors to travel through Europe on Livingston’s flights

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