ilOsool Administrator Policy

  1. Purpose 
    The purpose of this policy is to  mandate the administrator with administration and access rights to the website's pages, interface’s  public and private messages, files, or documents of the users registered and unregistered on the platform.

  2. Responsibilities of The Administrator
    The administrator is required to supervise, manage, administer, and monitor communications between subscribers, property owners and owners’ representatives (sellers and buyers). The responsibilities are listed as follow:

    1. Researching and resolving problems: The administrator’s obligation is to keep track, follow- up and keep an open eye 24 hours a day and seven days a week for any issues or problems whether between users or users and the website including technical bugs  that might or do affect the optimal and actual performance of ilOsool, and take the necessary steps in resolving those issues whether online or offline. It is important to inform the related party and/or department specialized in fixing such issue with no less than more than 60 min after the issues occurs.

    2. Ensuring the authenticity of the deals listed: The administrator should make sure the items listed on ilOsool are authentic by conducting some basic due diligence that is to be shared with the management. If a listing does not seem to be authentic, it cannot be published on the platform.

    3. Monitoring abuse: It is crucial that the administrator monitors the platform and makes sure it is free from abusive language and content. Any comments or posts that are deemed inappropriate or offensive should be modified or deleted, and the administrator has the right to block and/or delete the accounts that are issuing abusive content after two warnings sent by the administrator via email to the user, describing the time, the date and the warning letter expressing the penalty of repeating such action.

    4. Ensure transparency during all stages of the deals: The administrator should ensure that individuals or companies involved in a certain deal know as much as possible about the conditions and policies of the deal and the parties involved, in a written online or offline consent

    5. All content, policies, documents, emails, deals, personal information of the users, are the sole property of ilOsool

    6. The admisntrator should not engage in any conversation with political, religious or social other than that is related to the business and services provided by ilOsool