What are illiquid assets?

Assets including real estate, private equity and venture capital are not easily sold for two main reasons. First, there is often a lack of potential buyers, and second, clients rarely have access to an established market to help them move their assets and securities. One of the main challenges of illiquid assets is their inability to be converted into liquid assets at a profit; in fact, many are prone to losing a substantial portion of their estimated value, consequently making them higher risk assets. Factors such as political instability, economic crises and general lack of buyers make it more difficult to move illiquid assets when needed. 


How can ilOsool help?

With an in-depth knowledge of the MEA region’s market and supported by a highly-experienced team of specialists, ilOsool delivers calculated strategies and customized solutions for transactions across secondary markets. Whether buying or selling, and by indentifying ideal potential investors and creating a transparent, competitive medium, the ilOsool team helps its clients reach optimal terms for transactions. The company’s list of services includes drafting dispositions plans, pricing, indentifying liquidity opportunities, portfolio enhancement and insightful negotiating techniques.


Who does ilOsool work with?

Boasting a regional network that encompasses established institutions in the private and public sector, ilOsool’s illiquid financial arm works with private equity banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, portfolio managers and government vehicles. Simply put, ilOsool brings buyers and sellers together.  


Why choose the ilOsool website/app?

ilOsool understands that clients need to be in the know and take control of their assets. With the ilOsool app, clients can initiate, monitor and modify asset transactions at any time and in any place free of charge. Clients have access to short- and long-term investments without having to deal with the administrative hassle that often comes with checking with a physical institution. 


What are the advantages of using ilOsool’s services?

ilOsool’s unique web platform boasts state-of-the-art technology to deliver unrivalled liquidity solutions. With a focus on seamless and transparent transactions in the secondary market, the ilOsool portal offers the client total control in a secure and private environment. Supported by the ilOsool team, it allows the client to have a say in who they would like to sell to or buy from. A company can opt to sell to employees (current or former) or accredited investors, and can choose from suggested pricing models such as fixed price, negotiated price or bidding. 


Is there a catch?

There is no drawback here. ilOsool simply provides a portal to bring prospective buyers and sellers together in a seamless, transparent and straightforward manner, helping them find the ideal facilities and advisors for their deals.