How it works


ilOsool is a platform that was created to link, on the one side, deal seekers (private equity funds, private investors, family offices…) and sellers, on the other side (SMEs or entrepreneurs seeking funding, shareholders looking to sell their shares in a business, real estate property owners looking to sell their assets…).There are two main functionalities that our platform offers to its users: 

Listing Deals: This is dedicated to sellers who are looking to raise capital or sell their properties. The process is straightforward you just click on “add new listing” and follow the steps to add your deal to our database/platform whiling filling out all the necessary information that the investors would be interested to know about the deal. At the end, you could attach any files or documents (business plan, teaser, financial projections, valuation documents…). One cool thing about our platform is that you have the option about which documents or information you can make public and which you prefer to keep private and only communicate when ask. 

Requesting a Deal: This functionality is aimed at deal seekers and investors. It might happen that you have browsed through all the awesome deals we have, but none of them meet your specific investment criteria. No problem! You can submit a “Request a Deal” to our platform users; this way you could be contacted about any deals that satisfy your requirements. 

We are a company in its infancy; if there are any issues you are facing with the platform or if there are any other features or functionalities you would like to be added to the platform, please let us know at